Full Line of Meat & Poultry

Our Standards

KJ Poultry Processing is continuously under kashrus supervision including the supervision of Rabbi Berkowitz from Monroe, NY, Star K kashrus organization, and the Orthodox Union (OU), whose symbols proudly adorn each product.

The Brand

At KJ Poultry Processing, the number one principal is every product sold bearing the KJ Poultry brand name, and rabbinical kashrus supervision of Rabbi Berkowitz shall meet the strict exacting kashrus standards dictated by the Shulchan Aruch, or demanded by stringent kosher consumers. There are no exceptions or compromises to this principal! Even the most difficult production demands do not compromise the kashrus standard, ever!

frequently visit KJ
Poultry Processing

Rabbanim who frequently visit KJ Poultry Processing, speak highly of the kashrus and production process. Rabbi Moshe Heineman of the Star K kashrus organization, and Rabbi Menachem Genack of the Orthodox Union (OU) have attested to the achievement of the strict exacting kashrus standards and process.

7 Dinev Road,
Monroe, NY 10950

PO- 596, Monroe, 10949