Full Line of Meat & Poultry

The Beginnings of KJ Poultry

In 2003 we established our kosher processing plant in the New York State,Mid-Hudson Valley Region where we remain today. KJ Poultry Processing is the largest kosher poultry plant in New York State employing over 250 employees.

The original plant opened in 2003, but was small with a maximum processing capacity of 4,000 chickens per day. When local kosher consumers began clamoring for their limitedly produced product, customer demand exceeded expectations. As demands for our poultry product continuously grew, we responded by expanding the size of the plant, installing new technologically advanced equipment, increasing the number of full-time workers to over 250, and added more Shochtim to meet these demands. Daily production then increased up to 40,000 chickens per day.

Today, KJ Poultry is a household name that is synonymous with high kashrus standards, uncompromising adherence to the Halacha with a superior taste and quality.

Top Quality &
Superior Chicken

A chicken is a chicken is a chicken. Right? Wrong!

Nothing can be further from the truth. The quality of chickens that are cultivated for shechita vary tremendously from farm to farm. Many variables must be taken into account when considering chickens for purchase.

Nationally, Murray’s chickens are recognized by many as being superior to other competitive National brands in the market today.

Murray’s chickens are raised in Pennsylvania’s lush countryside environment, where they enjoy enriched relaxed lifestyle. This lifestyle provides each chicken with plenty of fresh air along with a vegetable diet free of animal by-products. Our chickens are passionately raised by a selected team of experienced family farmers, and raised free of antibiotics and hormones. After considerable research and plenty of product tests, we chose Murray’s Farms as our primary supplier for sourcing us with live chickens, and furthermore our live turkeys.

Combining our high kashrus standards and sourced chickens from Murray’s, yields the most desired kosher poultry of the finest quality in today’s market. Don’t just take our word for it; experience it for yourself and let us know what you think!

It is because of this, our products are kindly nicknamed by many as the “Kosher Murray’s Chicken”.

Great Tasting

To ensure the highest quality kashrus chickens are produced, we leave no stone unturned. We feel that great taste begins at the farms. This is why our Pennsylvania Dutch raised chickens are fed a healthy proprietary all-natural vegetarian diet that is free of animal by-products. Each chicken is raised without the use of “antibiotics” or “hormones”.

Our products are well-known for their superior taste and worthy of the most discriminating palates. One bite of our product and you will personally agree that we produce an exceptional quality product that is amazingly juicy and tender, with a taste that stands-out above the rest without compromising our high kashrus standard!

Facts About KJ Poultry