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New Olive Turkey Breast from KJ Poultry

( Monroe, NY ) From the company that recently brought you a new line of Smoked Chicken Pastrami, KJ Poultry continues to bring innovation and quality with their new line of Olive Turkey Breast. KJ Poultry strives to bring their customers the best and highest quality products with their new line of meat and poultry products. The new line of Olive Turkey Breast is available individual slices and in bulk. Made from all natural ingredients, with no msg, no hormones and gluten and fat free. “Quality is not something we compromise on when bringing new products to the kosher meat market.” said Chaim Oberlander, COO of KJ Poultry. He continued to add that “our products have minimal processing and are fresh and affordable, certified by the Orthodox Union (OU), Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz of Kiryas Joel The Sephardic Beit Din of America (SBD).” In 2003, KJ Poultry established their kosher processing plant in the New York State, Mid-Hudson Valley Region where they remain today. KJ Poultry Processing is the largest kosher poultry plant in New York State. They are locally owned and operated, and backed by the community of Kiryas Joel. Today, KJ Poultry is a household name that is synonymous with high kashrus standards, uncompromising adherence to the Halacha with a superior taste and quality.For more information visit: www.kjpoultry.com

source : https://www.koshertoday.com/new-olive-turkey-breast-kj-poultry