Full Line of Meat & Poultry

KJ Poultry Steps up its game in Advance of the Shavuos Holiday

Kiryas Joel…You could tell that this was busy season at the KJ Poultry plant in the upstate New York town of Monroe. It was only days from the upcoming holiday of Shavuos and a few weeks from the summer BBQ season. The magnificent poultry plant, which processes as many as 50,000 chickens per day, was on overdrive these days with expanded hours and staff. The plant itself consists of state-of-the-art machinery and an entire floor dedicated just for the required salting process. KJ Poultry products are coveted by many Orthodox and Chasidic Jews because of its extremely high standards in kashrut, but says Chaim Oberlander of KJ Poultry “we’re selling all over the US and abroad and the two mains selling points are kashrus and quality.” The KJ products are now sold in most kosher independent stores as well as supermarket chains.

KJ Poultry is far more than a slaughterhouse of fowl which also includes about 20% turkey. Its processing facility produces many chicken products as well as deli, kielbasa, and sausages. Of late KJ has also added a line of shelf stable Ready Meals “again because of our quality and kosher standards,” says Mr. Oberlander. The Ready Meals are even available on Amazon. “People on the go want the same quality and kosher standards as are all our products. With a huge selection of deli and BBQ products, KJ Poultry is looking forward to a robust summer season. Despite significant competition, KJ seems to be gaining market share, because of its focus on kashrus and quality.